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Hello, my name is Ray, and I live in Perth Western Australia and I speak English only. I would like to learn Chinese so that I can speak more effectively with my wife, who can speak limited English.
Hi, Ray Thanks. No problem we can help you to improve your Chinese remarkably. Please tell us your schedule and we will make arrangement properly.
how to become an online chinese tutoring teacher
Hi, Zhao Hong Thanks for your interest. Please send us your resume to We will contact you and arrange an interview online. All the teachers will experience some training before start.
If I have 2 weeks off work can I do a lesson every day
Hi, Matt Of course, you can have class every day. I think the only problem is teacher's schedule. We can not ensure that you will have an exclusive teacher. Normally the 1-on-1 (fixed teacher for student) is our pretigious advantage. Our advisor will contact you soon and work out a solution for your needs.