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How long time is expected for learning if I want to speack Chinese fluently?
It depends. Some students are quick learners. Within 60 lessons,they can master 300-500 words and communicate on simple daily life topics in Chinese with correct pronunciation and tones. Some are kind of slow. They may need more time to learn words and typical expressions in daily life in order to take part in simple social activites. As we all know,learning a new language is a long term activity. We cannot expect to master a new language in very short time. All our teachers are very patient and
How many lessons are required to pass HSK1?
We have all six levels' materials of same test structure as HSK. We guarantee that you can pass the exam with our teaching or you can get the lessons for free. According to our experience, most students who finished our beginning level course( 60 lessons) can pass HSK 1 and 2. The most difficult part might be the listening comprehension. In order to have a good score, you need prictice as much as possible.You can take this as reference.
Do your teachers leave any homework and how do your check up the homework?
Usually teachers will give you some home work in order to let you understand,consolidate and make use of all the knowledge you have learned from class. For intermediate -high level students,teacher may give students a topic and ask them to write something about it. Teachers will check homework at the beginning of next lesson.
Do you have any course suitable for kids?
We do have courses for children and we ecourage students to build a strong Chinese foundation at young age. Our Chinese courses for kids are designed to give kids systematic training in four aspects of Chinese language :listening,speaking,reading and writing. At the same time our experienced teachers will make the class more interesting to attract kids' consentration.
How can I find a quality teacher?
Hi, Greg, thanks for your interest. We offer free trial lesson when you can identify the teacher's quality and make decision yourself.
I have a separate question. Do you have any idea how this phrase would be translated to English? 天涯若比邻 The current translation I have is: although far away, it feels like we are next door neighbors.Could you tell me what it literally means in Chinese and I will think of how to translate it?
I found a translation is: Be with each other though far apart. Hope it will be helpful.:)
hello in chinese
My son, Erik Myxter is training with your company. How do I purchase a gift certificate for him for a holiday gift?
It's really a good idea! I have told the customer service,she will contact with you later.
How can I join this website be a Chinese teacher?
You could contact with our ICLTA training center to get exact information. The phone number is 400 8353 808
Hi, my two daughters would like to learn chinese. Can I buy 60 lessons and then let both my children use the subscription? I am the only earner in the family and it is quite costly? Thank you, Anja
I have told the customer service,she will contact with you later.