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2 2018

Tips for online learning Chinese

Tips for online learning Chinese

Online learning Chinese becomes a trend around the world. Many people accept this method for their Chinese learning. But online learning is still not a mainstream method and most clients don’t know how to judge the quality of online learning. There are 3 important points for quality of online learning:

Online classroom, teacher, and curriculum.

Most sites use Skype, QQ or other software for their online classes. The advantage is these softwares are very popular and safe. But they are not developed for learning purpose and the functions are not enough. Different from most institutions, Chinesehour uses professional software, ET_online classroom. This system is developed for learning purpose and has the same effect as traditional classroom. It has powerful functions and is safe too. Students will get an excellent learning experience with this system. Furthermore, this system is totally free.

Second point is teaching. Teacher is also the most key for learning. When you meet a good teacher during trial lesson you have to confirm whether the teacher will be your teacher in future. Many sites arrange different teachers to teach the same student. It is not the real 1-on-1 teaching. The progress can’t be ensured in this way. The mode of “1-on-1 with fixed teacher” is created and insisted at Chinesehour because many students appreciate this method.

The third point is material. The individualized material is necessary for 1-on-1 tutoring. You can ask for your teacher during the trial lesson for more information. This is the first step. During your learning the material should be adjusted based on your progress.

You can judge any site by the above 3 points. These tips will save your time and money.


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