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Xin Ping
College Name: Peking University
Years of Teaching: 20 | Language: Chinese, English
Professor Xin Ping
Consultant of Teaching Management
from School of Chinese as a Second language, Peking University
Member of Expert Committee of Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK)
Yao Meiling
College Name: East China Normal University
Years of Teaching: 18 | Language: Chinese, English
Professor Yao Meiling,
Consultant of Curriculum Design
From International College of Chinese Studies, East China Normal University,
Member of Expert Committee of Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK)
吴晓燕 Chengcheng
College Name: Hubei Engineering University
Years of Teaching: 8 | Language: Chinese, English
I am a native Chinese speaker and college graduate with 8 years of teaching experience. Whether you are planning a trip to China, would like to develop business language skills, or simply want to build conversational Mandarin skills, I can tailor a language program for you.
College Name: Hubei University of Technology
Years of Teaching: 6 | Language: Mandarin, English
I am a friendly Chinese teacher with much enthusiasm and  patience for more than six years. For some students, they study and understand very well, I'd like to stretch them accordingly; for some students, they study not so well, then we could spend much time on simple conversions together for reviewing what studied before. Just enjoy the class, speak Mandarin out confidently!
张帆 Fanny
College Name: Hubei Institute for Nationalities
Years of Teaching: 8 | Language: Chinese, English
Teaching and learning.
College Name: Jilin Normal University
Years of Teaching: 5 | Language: Chinese, English
Hi Everyone! I am Zhang Yue. Helping people improve their Chinese is my passion.I have been teaching for five years. In class I always use Chinese because that is the best way for you to learn. For beginners, we can cheat a little and use English sometimes. But you will improve quickly and soon our conversations will all be in Chinese.
I can’t wait to meet you. Let’s 加油 together!
College Name: Wuhan University
Years of Teaching: 5 | Language: Chinese, English,Korean
I have been teaching mandarin for more than 3 years, I am open-minded, imaginative and creative. I will be your kind teacher to guide you in improving your Chinese skills. We will make studying more interesting and worthwhile. So let's study while having fun together. We will both enjoy listening, reading and speaking in Chinese.
王瑞 laura Wang
College Name: Changchun Taxation College
Years of Teaching: 17 | Language: Chinese, English
After graduating, I have worked in the school.loving and responsible, for the different stages of students who would like to learn Chinese.
石妍秋 Shi Yanqiu
College Name: Wuhan University
Years of Teaching: 3 | Language: Chinese, English
I have excellent English skills so you will never feel lost, I have worked with beginners, intermediate and advanced students, I also have a experience of teaching child.
王蕾 Lemley
College Name: Wuhan university of science and technology
Years of Teaching: 4 | Language: Chinese, English
The interest is best teacher. If you like Chinese culture, you will like me. I particularly to build up your language sense . I am patient, I try to make you very free and relaxed. To improve your Chinese is the common purpose. Let’s together strive to work together!
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