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Tutoring Years:7 Recent Class:15 hours ago Tutoring Years:7 Tutoring hours:3776

Are you looking for an experienced Chinese teacher? Let me help you with that. I have been teaching Chinese at all levels for about 8 years. Whatever reasons you have for learning, allow me to share my knowledge and help you to enhance your Chinese communication skills in easy ways. I teach not only basic grammar concepts but also new expressions that you can incorporate into your sentences. You have nothing to worry about because, in my class, I always see to it that my students are comfortable expressing themselves in Chinese at whatever level and age they are. It’s always a friend-to-friend way of conversations and lessons. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s learn and enhance our Chinese communication skills hand-in-hand.


Tutoring Years:7 Recent Class:15 hours ago Tutoring Years:7 Tutoring hours:3776

I have been worked as a Chinese teacher for 7 years,I am good at teaching all kinds of the students! I hope that we can enjoy Chinese together! Join us,happy learning ! Happy talking!


Tutoring Years:10 Recent Class:15 hours ago Tutoring Years:10 Tutoring hours:5385

Organize lessons logically; Give clear indications; Introduce variety activity or humor into the lesson to live it up and maintain the student attention.


Tutoring Years:9 Recent Class:15 hours ago Tutoring Years:9 Tutoring hours:4853

I encourage the students to use chinese to speak more,I like the students to free talk so they are using what they learn,even if the grammer is incorrect, they are using vocabulary and pronunciation.

Yang Jing

Tutoring Years:8 Recent Class:15 hours ago Tutoring Years:8 Tutoring hours:4321

Focus on life interaction. Learn Chinese online 1-on-1 at Chinesehour.