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Tutoring Years:2 Recent Class:128 days ago Tutoring hours:1090

It is a vivid and nature class atmosphere where the students feel relaxed to apply their knowlegde just learned to the real life in China. My teaching context is focused on the practial Chinese expressions than the complicated explaination of grammer rules. It is more useful to let the students feel the language while the brief illustration on the ways of how Chinese people says and the systematic description of structure for words and characters. In my teaching class , lots of interesting and challenging tasks, such as the Chinese drama show are required which makes the students feel eager to finish them. Learn Chinese online 1-on-1 at Chinesehour is the best choice for you.

Li Xuehao

Tutoring Years:2 Recent Class:128 days ago Tutoring hours:1090

I am a pleasant and easy going teacher, taking lessons with me certainly won’t stress you out; especially for those who are already under a heavy work load! As the saying goes “life is a drama!” I like to think that this can be applied to teaching as well. We teachers should play the actors role by ‘presenting’ to our students various colourful lives with vivid descriptions. No need to worry; I will be patient enough to explain to you all the grammar and structures of the language clearly and concisely, giving you everything you need to progress quickly and fluently. So let’s study together and enjoy it together!