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姜博 Jiang Bo
College Name: Shanxi Tongwen Foreign Language College of Vocatio
Years of Teaching: 3 | Language: Chinese, English, Korean
In this year of teaching Chinese as a foreign language in the process of produce many experience, also has accumulated certain experience. In this section of teaching days, according to the students' learning different degree to absorb the knowledge degree are obvious different. I pay attention to the students at different levels with the method of teaching students according to their aptitude.
王珺 Wang Jun
College Name: Xi’an Fan Yi University
Years of Teaching: 4 | Language: Chinese, English
I think teaching Chinese as a foreign language is a long process, haste makes waste. Therefore, in the beginning of the Chinese language teaching, teacher should let the students like you, and willing to listen to you in your class. If so, it will lay a good foundation for the continued teaching. We often say “teaching and learning”,that is we not only teach the students Chinese language culture, but also learned the language, customs and culture from students. On the other hand, I think we should use individualized teaching methods, different students use different teaching methods. And learn textbook knowledge, according to the students' interests and hobbies, take the time to tell them a topic of concern. Such as scenic, China's traditional festivals and customs and so on, so that in the process of communication, students' listening and speaking skills will be greatly improved, the same time, they also have a deeper understanding of China.
College Name: HuBei University of Education
Years of Teaching: 3 | Language: Chinese, English
Use communication with friends way educate students. I believe communication is absolute good than the average education mode. I’m good at teaching business Chinese.
许师嘉 Scarlett
College Name: 国立台湾大学国际企业学系
Years of Teaching: 4 years | Language: Mandarin, English
1.Chinese teaching 1 year (around 1,000 hours teaching experience), professional specialty:Business Chinese.
2.English teaching: class 3 years and one-on-one 2 years
3.Volunteer to teach students in orphanage, include Chinese, English, math etc. (operated by City government) 1 year.
高伶俐 Gao Lingli
College Name: Huanggang Normal College/ Bachelor degree
Years of Teaching: 5 | Language: Chinese, English, Korean
I have five years experience in teaching Chinese to foreign students. I have good communication, speaking and written skills. Before I became a teacher, I had worked in international business for two years. So I am competent in teaching lessons related to the Chinese business world. I am very good with those who have a quick mind and broad knowledge and I am also patient enough to practice with beginners who advance at a slower pace. I always make grammar easy to understand and the Chinese characters easy, funny to understand and remember by deconstruction. For the kids and teenagers, I’m patient and try to make the class funny by songs, riddles, games or brain teasers to focus their attention. With my help and encouragement, each student will speak Chinese more confidently over time. I’m confident. Sure, you’ll be.
College Name: Wuhan University of Technology
Years of Teaching: 2 | Language: Mandarin, English
I am a pleasant and easy going teacher, taking lessons with me certainly won’t stress you out; especially for those who are already under a heavy work load! Oral Chinese, standard Chinese and business Chinese are all my specialities.
As the saying goes “life is a drama!” I like to think that this can be applied to teaching as well. We teachers should play the actors role by ‘presenting’ to our students various colourful lives with vivid descriptions. No need to worry; I will be patient enough to explain to you all the grammar and structures of the language clearly and concisely, giving you everything you need to progress quickly and fluently.
So let’s study together and enjoy it together! Better Chinese - Better life.
何丹 He Dan
College Name: Wu han Commercial Service College
Years of Teaching: 4 | Language: Chinese, English, Korean
I am graduated from the Department of Applied Foreign Languages and I have been working as a Chinese teacher for almost three years,I am good at teaching all kinds of oversea students and I hope you will enjoy studying Chinese with me and making progress on Chinese day by day!
孙宏 Sun Hong
College Name: Changchun Teacher’s University
Years of Teaching: 4 | Language: Chinese,English
I have three years experience on teaching Chinese as a foreign language , mastered methods of teaching experiences and exchanges with foreign students. Foreign students ' pronunciation and grammar comprehension is weak, but I have confidence and patience to teach well.
College Name: He Nan University
Years of Teaching: 3 | Language: Chinese, English
I have been teaching chinese for foreign students for about 3 years. During these 2 years, I taught many different students with different personalities and chinese levels. I researched and accumulated plenty of teaching methods so I have rich teaching experience. I have great confidence in myself. I am sure everyone can learn chinese very well with me.
College Name: 吉林省延边大学师范学院
Years of Teaching: 10 | Language: Chinese, English, Korean
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