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College Name: Chongqing Normal University
Years of Teaching: 2 | Language: Chinese, English
I have started teaching Chinese as foreign language since 2012, when I was an undergraduate. During my one_year teaching experience, I have been teaching Oral Chinese, Business Chinese, Chinese characters to students from Australia, America and Korea.
I have worked at Educational institutions by web_based for a long time. My lesson is not only about language, it also gives a profound knowledge of Chinese culture, which is very welcomed by all my students.
I am very passionate about my teaching career and am very patient and responsible person with ground knowledge about China?culture and history.
韩越 HanYue
College Name: Wuhan University of Science and Technology
Years of Teaching: 5 | Language: Chinese, English
I have been working in this field for more than 4 years and have gained a lot of working experience with regard to Mandarin teachings .One thing you will like to take lessons with me is that I can make the lesson less dull by explaining relevant Chinese cultures and customs and in the meanwhile I will help you in a best way to enlarge your vocabulary .For students with zero background knowledge and are willing to improve spoken Chinese in a certain time (for business reasons or personal interests) or for those who would like to take the HSK exams.
I hope my easy-going characteristic and my high sense of responsibility could help you to some extent.
College Name: YanBian University
Years of Teaching: 2 | Language: Chinese, English, Korean
I have been teaching Chinese for more than 2years.During the 2years, I taught many different students with different levers in Chinese and in different ages. So I think I am an experienced teacher and I have much experience in teaching. If you join the class, I am confident to teach Chinese well.
College Name: 건양대학교
Years of Teaching: 1 | Language: Chinese, Korean
외국어를 배운것이 쉽지 않습니다.하지만 한언어의 규칙을 잘 알면 쉽게 배울 수 있습니다.한국학생이 중 국어를 배울 때 한국어하고 비슷한 단 어나 문법 찾아서 기억하면 더 쉽습니 다.단어를 외울 때한자어나 한단어의 유의어,반대어를 찾아서 같이 외우면 더 많은 단어를 외울 수 있습니다.또한 문법을 배울 때 그문법의 의미도 중요 하지만 그 문법은 어떤 상황에서 쓸 수 있는지 예문을 제시해주는것이도 중요합니다. 사반공배이라는 말처럼 좋은 방법가지고 공부하면 더 많이 배 울 수 있습니다.
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