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Yuxin Chen

Tutoring Years:2 Recent Class:102 days ago Tutoring hours:1103

Different students have different learning styles and objectives, so I want to listen to students firstly and then make a suitable plan to guide them.

Ming Luo

Tutoring Years:4 Recent Class:102 days ago Tutoring hours:2167

I use a blended style of teaching curriculum-appropriate methods, following an approach that blends my personality and interests with the individual students needs.

Yushen Liu

Tutoring Years:2 Recent Class:108 days ago Tutoring hours:1090

Lina Zheng

Tutoring Years:3 Recent Class:108 days ago Tutoring hours:1622

humorous, encouraging, tailor the course based on students level


Tutoring Years:5 Recent Class:109 days ago Tutoring hours:2712

Im patient and can speak standard Chinese, my class style is light and humorous. I can help you with Chinese culture, custom, history and geography and so on. And can help you to know how to use Chinese in daily life