8 2018

Why and how do I need to assess my level?

Why and how do I need to assess my level of proficiency?

All the services are under control at Chinesehour to ensure the progress of students.

This is the reason for assessment of Chinese proficiency.

Our teachers cannot prepare your teaching plan accurately without the test result. You also cannot control your progress without the test result. And you cannot tell the efficiency of Chinesehour without the test result.

The assessment is easy to do. You can perform it by yourself at any time through our testing system.

Chinesehour is the first site where an online testing system is available. The testing system is open to anyone. You can test your Chinese proficiency by clicking the “Chinese Test” button on home of Chinesehour or visiting directly. There are several categories such as speaking Chinese, standard Chinese, kids Chinese, mini Chinese test for your choice.

Through the test result, you can control your learning progress easily and find your weakness directly. The testing system is transparent and can be used as a measure objectively.

Please let us know if you have any questions during your process.

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