8 2018

Screts for successful choice of Chinese site

Secrets for successful choice of online Chinese learning site

Online learning is convenient and easy. More and more people like learning Chinese online. More and more sites start offering online teaching service.

Among these sites how can you choose a quality site for your learning?

Here are some tips from professionals which may be very helpful during your choosing of online sites.

The response of the site

Normally you have to submit your application on the site. Most sites will response to you within 24 hours. If the response time is longer, the quality of site will be lower.

The communication with the site

After receiving your application, the customer advisor will contact you with the information in your application. You can tell the service and professional from the communication with the advisor.

The history of the site

You can check the history of the site online. The longer history of the site, the better service will be. It is an easy way to find some trustful sites online.

The service of trial lesson

Almost every site will offer free trial lesson for clients. It is important to both client and site. You have to pay more attention to these points during the trial lesson, software, teacher’s teaching and material.

Most sites use Skype or QQ. Only few sites, such as Chinesehour, use professional software for the online class. This system is the same as traditional classroom and brings excellent experience for clients.

For the teaching, the best teacher will be assigned for the trial lesson and the effect will be good. But you have to confirm whether the teacher for the trial lesson will be your teacher in future. Many sites arrange different teachers to teach the same student. It is not the real 1-on-1 teaching. The progress can not be ensured.

The individualized material is necessary for 1-on-1 tutoring. You can ask for your teacher during the trial lesson for more information.

The price of class

The popular price ranges from 10-15 dollars per lesson. The price may vary from different needs and Chinesehour offers more than 7 packages for students and there must be one package suitable for your needs. You have to compare the PPR (Performance Price Ratio) not the price only. You want to learn Chinese. Low price also means wasting your money if you cannot achieve your goal


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