I have been teaching Chinese online for 15 years. Whether you are preparing for HSK,HSKK,YCT, AP;or planning a trip to China;would like to develop business language skills;or simply want to build conversational Mandarin skills, I can tailor a language program for you.Hope I can use my experience to help you toexpress yourself confidently in Chinese.大家好!我是成成老师,有很多的教中文的经验。我教过来自不同国家的学生,他们有的是小孩子,有的是成人,还有的是老人。我的学生们有的要参加各种考试,有的要来中国旅游,有的要做和中国有关的工作,等等等等。不管你是哪种类型的学生,我都可以帮助你。

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