1. Teaching primary reading and writting in Chineseliterature Department of Soochow Universertity 2014.02-2014.07Including:Gave the lessons on how to read and write in ChineseAdopted effective and vivid teaching measures, to implementation individualized modes.Developed the responsible attitude towardsstudents and work.2. Teaching Assistant for Advanced Chinese ProgramSummer Program of Chinese from Ohio State University 2014.07-2014.08Including:Carried out the instructional plans and coordinated the lecturer for the class .Undertook the task of tutoring student for their problems on Chinese and life in China after class.3. Chinese Teacher to Foreign StudentsInternational Education Department of Soochow University 2014.09-2015.01Including:Teach 30 students basic Chinese by the book called New Pratical Chinese.Designed the teaching mode and selected the contexts of lessons according to students' learning motivation, ethnic characteristics and the level of Chinese proficiency.

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