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Fu Liuqing

Tutoring Years:6 Recent Class:48 days ago Tutoring hours:3257

I love my students and love Chinese culture. I would like to be a bridge between you and Chinese culture and history. My expertise will make your Chinese learning more efficient and easy!


Tutoring Years:6 Recent Class:79 days ago Tutoring hours:3244

No matter how hard the Chinese is , I will help you understand it in an easy way. Let us learn in an efficient and pleasant class. There are also some skills to help you remember the miraculous Chinese characters and speak Chinese as the local people do. If you want to improve your spoken Chinese, reading and other aspects , come with me!

Gao Lingli

Tutoring Years:7 Recent Class:110 days ago Tutoring hours:3776

Interest is the best teacher. I will increase your interest in Chinese during my class. After that you will energetic for Chinese learning. Learn Chinese online 1-on-1 at Chinesehour is the best solution for you.


Tutoring Years:8 Recent Class:110 days ago Tutoring hours:4321

Using immersion teaching method,making students have more chance to speak.

Huang Pingping

Tutoring Years:4 Recent Class:110 days ago Tutoring hours:2180

Friendly and professional and enthusiastic. Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and he will eat for the rest of his life. -Chinese Proverb 授人以鱼,不如授人以渔。 -中国谚语