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Tutoring Years:1 Recent Class:148 days ago Tutoring hours:571

You can learn to talk and communicate even if you are a beginner. You can introduce yourself smoothly in a month. And you can learn the Chinese trade principles for your business through several classes. In addition,you can learn the hot spots and my lame jokes,haha.


Tutoring Years:3 Recent Class:168 days ago Tutoring hours:1648

I am a graduate of Teaching Chinese as Second Language. I can speak in Korean fluently. I will take you to learn more about Chinese culture and history because my home town is Henan, the source of Chinese culture.


Tutoring Years:5 Recent Class:169 days ago Tutoring hours:2699

专注,耐心,课堂气氛活跃,学习效率高。 Dedicated and patient. Friendly and effectve. Demo:


Tutoring Years:3 Recent Class:171 days ago Tutoring hours:1635

Focus on oral chinese and standard Chinese,I will do my best to teach you everything that you are interested in.The class is interesting,you can‘t miss it.


Tutoring Years:2 Recent Class:171 days ago Tutoring hours:1103