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Tutoring Years:7 Recent Class:23 days ago Tutoring hours:3776

Are you looking for an experienced Chinese teacher? Let me help you with that. I have been teaching Chinese at all levels for about 8 years. Whatever reasons you have for learning, allow me to share my knowledge and help you to enhance your Chinese communication skills in easy ways. I teach not only basic grammar concepts but also new expressions that you can incorporate into your sentences. You have nothing to worry about because, in my class, I always see to it that my students are comfortable expressing themselves in Chinese at whatever level and age they are. It’s always a friend-to-friend way of conversations and lessons. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s learn and enhance our Chinese communication skills hand-in-hand.


Tutoring Years:7 Recent Class:23 days ago Tutoring hours:3776

耐心,专业,教学经验丰富,课堂生动活泼 I have lots of teaching experiences for all kinds of students,patience with each student and class is lively,you will learn a lot from my class.


Tutoring Years:3 Recent Class:23 days ago Tutoring hours:1648


Tutoring Years:7 Recent Class:25 days ago Tutoring hours:3789

Are you interested in learning Chinese?Are you searching for an experience Chinese teacher?Its your good choice to learn Chinese online 1-on-1 at Chinesehour.I have been a teacher since I graduated from college.During these years I have taught many students who comes from different countres .Come on , lets learn together . fighting !

Yuxin Chen

Tutoring Years:2 Recent Class:25 days ago Tutoring hours:1103

Different students have different learning styles and objectives, so I want to listen to students firstly and then make a suitable plan to guide them.