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In 10 years history of Chinesehour, we have cooperated with many giant companies. The best proud of us is no customer suspends the cooperation when they start. This is the source for our 100% confidence. We will consider more than our customers.

Tell us your needs and we will give you a solution than your expectation!

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At Chinesehour, You will have the same tutor during your learning. The effect and progress are much more secured. You will learn Chinese, like Chinese and love Chinese at Chinesehour! Why not have a trial today?

Let’s know your needs, we will find a solution suitable for you!


Jenny Mewes------Foreign Expert in China

I came to China in 2011 as a foreign teacher. I have been studying Chinese with Chinese Hour for more than 4 years. When I first started, I was unable to communicate in Chinese. Now I have passed HSK 4! This is all thanks to the patience of my teacher, and the way she provides good, relevant materials for me to study. Chinese Hour also allows me to study flexibly, which makes it easy for me to continue learning Chinese. I really enjoy my lessons and I’m hoping to take HSK 6 sometime in the future. All in all, studying with Chinese Hour has been a good experience and very worthwhile. I highly recommend Chinese Hour to anyone who is interested in learning Chinese in a practical, interesting and encouraging way.

Sarah Badger---Head of MFL, Lord Wandswoth College

Thank you very much for this trial. The boys loved it. I will e-mail again later on to discuss further. I thought it was excellent. Many thanks for this. 20 euros per lesson is fine. You offer an excellent service and we are more than happy with this price. I think the best method of payment is credit card but you could send me details of all the options and I will talk to our accounts department. We would like to buy 24 lessons to start with, starting on Monday 14th September from 3.45pm - 4.45pm English time.

Erin DeBell-----Director/StarTalk, North Carolina

Thanks for an excellent cooperation this year! Logistically things went better than ever. For next year's implementation, we hope to be better able to respond to teacher feedback in a timely way because we would like to collect it more efficiently (in numeric form where teachers rate students simply on effort to use Chinese and overall participation on a scale of, for example, 1-5). Anyhow, these are just ideas for next year that we are developing. Also, I submitted a conference presentation for the National StarTalk Conference coming up in October. I will be talking in part about our Skype conversations. I would hope that you would always have enough teachers for us in the event that other programs also want to collaborate with your company!

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