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Chinesehour 1-on-1 Tutoring is different from other 1-on-1 tutoring service.

The best feature is you will have a dedicated personal tutor. Learn Chinese online is a privacy issue. Personal tutoring will be your best choice. Compared to other 1-to-1 tutoring service by rotating tutors, our fixed private tutor will help you to achieve more and faster. Your personal commitment and participation will become more valuable in this way.

Secondly, the service of Chinesehour is not limited to personal tutoring. You can enjoy the free testing system, free online course and periodic learning report. In this way, you can control your progress exactly.

Thirdly, customized courses and flexible schedule will ensure your learning experience.

Chinesehour is a family. All the students will learn each other and communicate with each other during our annual events.

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At Chinesehour, You will have the same tutor during your learning. The effect and progress are much more secured. You will learn Chinese, like Chinese and love Chinese at Chinesehour! Why not have a trial today?

Let’s know your needs, we will find a solution suitable for you!

Parts of courses are listed as below

No matter you are a child, university student, businessman, or tourist, no matter your goal is, our extensive courses will meet your needs accurately.

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