I have been studying with Chinesehour for a little bit over a year now. And so far can only say nice words about the lessons, teachers and customer service. Before I was trying to learn Chinese in college and on my own but my progress was not even close to what I am able to achieve now with Chinesehour. Content of lessons is interesting, useful and covers large variety of real life situations. The individual one-to-one teaching approach really keeps you involved and focused on the lesson making you learn faster and more efficient. And the software that Chinesehour uses provides a lot of interaction possibilities and allows you to achieve pretty much like the real one-to-one in person classroom experience. It's important to emphasize the teacher's role in the learning process. I would like to say thank you to my teacher as she is probably one of the best teachers I've had during my lifetime. She is very dedicated and patient, always able to help and answer any questions. She by

Gilbert Morton------Washington, United States

My teacher, Gao lingli has very creative ideas in terms of thinking of lesson ideas. Since March of 2007, I've had the pleasure of working with Chinesehour to improve my Chinese. I had to move to Taipei for work and I only had six months to become relatively fluent. I'd learned some foreign languages before, but, frankly, Mandarin seemed like a difficult language to learn. For the past nine months, they have been a real help and I've gone from a very basic level of Mandarin to an intermediate level. Their lessons are well-planned and the scheduling is usually flexible. The flexibility of scheduling definitely made a difference since I knew that I had to speak Chinese every day. Also the fact that the lessons were over the phone helped me understand Chinese without having someone physically present, which at first seemed more difficult. In terms of the staff, all of the teachers speak clearly and take a genuine interest in their students. I've only been living in Taipei for a few week

Brian Wiggins------Hill-Rom, United States

The customer service has always been easy to work with. They respond very quickly to any questions. The flexibility to change class times is very convenient. I use the one on one lessons which allow me to go at my own pace and review past lessons if needed which is very helpful when I have a busy week at work and have not had time to study. All the teachers I have had have been very nice. The teachers are very flexible to adjust the lessons to help me. I have the most trouble with listening and understanding so some lessons the teacher will talk more and keep repeating until I can hear and understand all the words. They are also very good to answer questions I send by e-mail outside of the class time.

Milli-------Melbourne, Australia

I have learnt Chinese with you for several months this year, having lessons twice a week. This has been a very convenient and cost effective way of having one on one lessons with a native Chinese speaker.

Geoff------Stockholm, Sweden

I feel the lessons are going really well and that I am learning very quickly. Before starting lessons, I wasn't confident speaking, and I feel much more confident forming sentences and having conversations. I think the material has been very helpful, and gives a good basis for the lessons. You are doing well at both pushing me to harder content, as well as supporting me when I struggle. Finding that balance is part of the art of teaching, and I really appreciate the results!

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