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Hello,my dear friend,Nice to see you here. I'm Debbie Zou from China. I Just come back from USA six month ago. I had a lot of experience in teaching mandarin . I graduated two years ago. My first job was an English tour guide. I love that job so much because I met a lot of nice friend from all over the world. One of my best friend is Tony who is a kind and hilarious 60 year-old gentleman . He comes from Sweden . We've been good friends for two years and I always make jokes on his Swenglish. He said "Chinese is very interesting .I love both Chinese and want to learn it well . " So I always teach him some mandarin.The teaching process is full of fun. We love it very much.In 2013 , I went to USA through an culture exchange program. I worked as and Au Pair. I lived with my super nice host family and teach my two little sisters mandarin. I read story books and poems,sang Chinese songs for them.I taught them the simple Chinese characters. We watched famous Chinese movies together.I communicated with my little sisters in whole native mandarin. Both of them dabbled in mandarin and the most important is that both of the American girls can speak very native mandarin even without any American accent at all. I am so happy that they can do such an awesome job in Chinese learning. I love them so much.I stayed in USA for an year.After I came back to China . I taught English in an English training school. My job is teaching the Middle school students English. I love to share my unforgettable experience with them.I enjoy this job so much. Being a teacher is a wonderful job that I can share my happiness with my students ,teach them new things ,see them growing up and making progresses step by step.I love my country--China. It's a very special country with long history. Chinese is an interesting special language .I want let people know more about China. Chinese people are very nice and kind. Welcome to my country!!

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