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9 2018

Authentic Immersion Mandarin Chinese Course

Authentic Immersion Mandarin Chinese
Onlien Immersion Course at Your home

The ultimate purpose of learning Mandarin Chinese is to communicate with local Chinese people. Being a Chinese learner, you want to know the real life of local Chinese people and the real thinking of local Chinese people.
The immersion course is the best choice for you. Besides native teacher, best curriculum and flexible schedule, you also can enjoy the real life of local people in China.
How about such immersion course at your home?
It would be awesome!
Chinesehour can do this! Only Chinesehour can do this now!
The secret weapon is our immersion course, Authentic Reality Mandarin Chinese Course .
It is the perfect combination of internet technology and our continuous innovative efforts.
This course is upgraded from Standard course.
Real Time, Real Professional Tutor and Real Life Setting will help you learn and master Chinese in short term as 4 months.
Such course will meet your requirements and bring you an unbelievable experience.
You will not only learn basic Chinese words and expressions but also be immersed into real life of local Chinese people.
AR Immersion Course likes riding on bicycle on streets in China. You can find more by yourself.

Experience our innovative course now!

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