10 2020

Customer Reward Program

Customer Reward Program

Online learning is the only choice for many schools since the pandemic in 2019. Online learning becomes the mainstream learning channel. No one doubts the efficiency and safety of distance learning anymore.

As a veteran of online Chinese tutoring, Chinesehour has a dream to help more Chinese learners with our efficient service. In last 10 years, we insisted on 1-to-1 Tutoring Service with fixed tutor and received positive feedback from most of our students.

Our mission is to reduce the cost and time of our students on Chinese learning. There is no limit in customer care. Online learning is a life activity. Many of our students will continue their learning from time to time. We develop a Customer Reward Program to encourage the persistence of students. This program will bring more bonus for long term student and reduce the cost of learning remarkably.

Certain credits will be awarded for the attendance and renewal of students. The credits can be exchanged for cash when the conditions are met.

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